Jacob x Nessi work in progress

Work on the latest collection for the spring/summer season 2018. With the cooperation of the designer will be created 7 models of Nessi shoes, signed Jacob x Nessi logo.

Arkadiusz Alot, Jakub Bartnik (Jacob) and Robert Sikora during the work on Nessi collection.

The prototypes of the Jacob x Nessi collection. Each of models is a very different story. The whole is combined with a unique style and colors. Black and gold provide the collection a unique and very exclusive character. The quality of materials and workmanship is guaranteed by Nessi.

Robert Sikora, co-owner of the Nessi brand, and a person who is fully responsible for the production of shoes. He controls every stage of making Jecob x Nessi shoes. Here with Jacob and Karolina Haczykowska Fidrych

Jacob checks every detail very carefully, everything must be in line with his stylistic concept, it has to be perfect.

The Jacob x Nessi collection will be available in March 2018.

#newproject #shoes #nessi

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