Powerful "YES, WE CAN" or "YES" in the fashion world.

potężne "TAK"

Rules are simple - if you want your message or product to receive the best response? Shall avoid the word "NO" If I was a chief of any politician's campaign, for any word "NO" I would cut sharp remuneration bonuses. Because "NO" has a very strong negative subliminal message. We do not like "NO". I know theories saying that the negative image of the president of PIS is just that "NO". Opposite that for Barack Obama's winning, the response was so well known to everyone - YES, WE CAN! At first, the theory of the word "NO" seems to be tight, but let's think what makes us feel better: "We will not let thieves earn money" or "Honest people will earn money"? Looks like the same, but not quite. So, let's get back to this elections campaign, because it shows, among other things, that the speech of a given candidate was prepared by someone who does not know basics of writing speeches. Which knows every student of "communication" faculty. Or maybe they all presume that for some reason this is what they really want to create - then the word gets a mighty power. Therefore, returning to our backyard, to fashion products, here I assume that rather we all care about the best and the most pleasant image :). Therefore I am so very sensitive to this YES. Remember, this word has great strength. When we writing texts or even simple e-mails, use them as often as replacing them with bad ones. I suggest you do a test - write two emails with the same message, using only one of these words, both emails the emotions. Our brands are supposed to wake up the same emotions :)

If we want to be as well received by others, the situation is the same, as many as "YES". But it is not so easy. Facebook has been running an application that pulled out the word we put on our profile most frequently - guess what word was the most common? :) Yes - powerful: "NO". But we are working on ourselves because everyone knows that "YES, WE CAN" :)

#fashion #marketing #yeswecan

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